With iCEIBA you can Move Fast and not Break anything

Any company wanting to grow fast needs to both allocate resources to scale and continue to innovate. However, fast growth can make internal operations more vulnerable to contract breaches by customers or vendors. How can you prevent issues arising from the breach of customers’ and vendors’ contracts that you worked so hard to execute? At… Read more »

How iCEIBA makes recovery of international disputes simple

Business owners and executives are often not thrilled when dealing with disputes and commercial claims, be it contract breach, copyright infringement or anything else. It always takes focus and resources away from running and growing a business. What about if the counterparty is in a foreign country, another continent, other legal system? Oh my. Now,… Read more »

Businesses save money when using Dispute Recovery Platform

We are pleased to serve an increasing number of businesses dealing with commercial disputes and litigations by providing them with a FREE evaluation of their claims, and managing them efficiently with no cost. This service is also available to international businesses dealing with overseas disputes in the UK or the USA. We save businesses money… Read more »

iCEIBA participates at ITC Think Global Conference

Join us at ITC Think Global Conference (https://thinkglobalconference.org): Everything About International Trade starting tomorrow. We will be sharing with the audience the latest Technological Advancements in international commercial claims and debt recovery on 13 April. You can discover how technology is used to prevent or cure commercial disputes in international trade to help small and… Read more »

NUMA New York Program Accelerates Our Commercial Activities

Being part of the NUMA New York Winter 2021 Cohort was a fantastic experience, and we have accelerated our commercial activities as a result of our participation. Great support, insights, and connections through NUMA New York Mentors and Network. We are proud to be part of the NUMA Family!