Big fish eating a small fish

Businesses are barred from justice and deprived of liquidity

The financial impact of unresolved or inefficiently resolved commercial disputes to businesses with 1-50 employees in the UK alone was £40bn in 2017. In the US, the cost is even greater, amounting to $100bn each year.

Litigation presents both a significant financial risk to SMB's and a distraction from core company business. Uncertainty, expense, lack of skills, and expertise mean that many SMB's will write off viable claims. We provide a solution that overcomes traditional barriers for dispute recovery and litigation.

Our Vision

We believe that businesses should not need to spend money on a complicated and risky litigation process when they have a rightful claim.

We will help 100,000 businesses with their commercial disputes and litigations worth $1B in recovery value during the next five years.

We provide complete relief from the complexity, cost, and risk of legal action thanks to our unique business model and technology.

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Big fish eating a small fish

Our unique approach to the commercial dispute and litigation process

iCEIBA launched a Dispute Recovery Platform, which provides a NEW service to small and medium enterprises. Initially focused on the UK market and expanding to the US and selected European jurisdictions this year.

Dispute Recovery Platform acquires commercial disputes and litigations for Small and Medium Businesses (the claims), converting them into cash through a managed recovery process.

iCEIBA uses an external funding mechanism to finance the cost of acquiring and processing the claims, allowing it high scalability and efficiency.

iCEIBA Innovation and Technology

iCEIBA brings Innovation and builds technology to address traditional issues related to commercial litigations, dispute recovery and revolutionize how businesses can handle commercial disputes and litigations.

  • Claim Evaluation: Using AI and algorithms, iCEIBA will accurately assess the value of claims, building a data set so that the AI will become more and more accurate.
  • Data-Driven Recovery Process: The recovery process uses the data sets and evaluates the claim situation at every step to choose the most financially efficient avenue to generate the most value for the claims.
  • DLT: Blockchain technology provides a secure audit trail to manage the recovery process, govern information about every claim, and the entire portfolio of the claims and their various stages.
  • Participating Mechanism: every claim has multiple stakeholders, and iCEIBA technology automatically recognizes participation and potential distributions to each of them through the entire recovery and litigation process. The technology enables the distribution of the recovered funds fairly amongst all stakeholders based upon their participation in the particular claim or their portfolio.
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