No more money, time and stress

No more money, time and stress

Free evaluation and claim

Free evaluation of the claim

Advanced cash and settlement bonus

Advanced cash and settlement bonus

Dispute Recovery Platform services are for businesses with commercial disputes or litigations in the United Kingdom or subject to the courts' jurisdiction in the United Kingdom. We will be soon offering service in the US as well.

How Dispute Recovery Platform works

Step 1

Provide us information about your dispute or litigation

Step 2

We evaluate it and provide you comprehensive report

Step 3

We make you an offer with an advance payment on agreement

Step 4

We process claims using our platform and the most appropriate legal partner

Step 5

We use an efficient recovery mechanism to settle disputes and litigations fast

Step 6

We pay you the balance of your entitlement on completion of the recovery process

Don't get dragged down when facing troubles

We provide an ultimate solution for commercial disputes, with no cost and full transparency, by removing the billable element from your experience with the legal process. Dispute Recovery Platform means no nasty legal fees, no uncertainty, no stress. So you can focus on the things that keep your business healthy and running well.


Strong network of legal partners

Thanks to it's efficiency, unique client-centric approach, and integrated expertise, Dispute Recovery Platform creates a powerful solution for every business and every commercial dispute and litigation..

We extend our reach through our Ambassadors

To make it easy for our clients, we built a network of Ambassadors and Partners who are close to them, and can help them use our Platform, and assist them throughout the entire process. It has never been easy to get free help for your commercial disputes and litigations..